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Upstart Crow proudly presents Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - A Virtual, Fractured Fairy Tale

The Evil Queen wishes to be fairest of them all.  But when her Magic Mirror informs her that it is Snow White who is most fair, the queen is livid!  When asked how to find the princess, her mirror mentions that Snow White has run away.  The Evil Queen summons great magic in hopes of finding Snow White — she can now look through all mirrors throughout the kingdom.  But there’s a catch...  the magic also allows everyone else’s mirrors to show them what they most wish to see. 

Best-selling fractured fairy tale playwright Brian D. Taylor creates storytelling magic with these magic mirrors, and it’s all written specifically for rehearsing and performing remotely!  Rapunzel gets to talk with Prince Dashing, who’s outside of her tower, Beauty sees the Beast who has taken her father prisoner, and Cinderella, who just wants to dance at the ball, gets connected to her Fairy Godmother.  And there’s plenty more fun!  All these stories are moving toward their happily ever afters while the Evil Queen is hunting down Snow White, and you can guess that one will have a happy ending, as well! 


  • August 7 - 5:00pm Pacific Time on Zoom
  • August 8 - 12:00pm Pacific Time on Zoom
  • August 9 - 2:00pm Pacific Time on Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the social value of art has never mattered more. As schools close, physical distancing requirements are enforced, and longstanding arts organizations shut their doors, families need access to enrichment opportunities that are safe, affordable, and accessible. Most importantly, in the creative work they undertake with others, youth are practicing hope; through the arts, they are actively combatting feelings of isolation, helplessness, and disconnection.

Upstart Crow Studios is committed to providing access to performing arts programming so that children in our community can continue to play, learn, and develop vital skills that we know dramatically improve the quality of their lives. By ensuring all youth can access and benefit from high quality performing arts experiences and by supporting young people as they uncover their potential and cultivate a deeply-held passion for the arts, Upstart Crow continues to fulfill a vital need in our community.