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Upstart Crow proudly presents Tragedians Anonymous

It ends up even Shakespeare’s characters are in lockdown!  Forced to remain in isolation until further notice, four tragic characters make time to join a self-help group, virtually of course!  Tragic characters Ophelia, Lady Anne, Romeo, and Juliet, seek support at the Tragedians Anonymous group led by Prospero, where the meeting’s theme is “Identify those who wrong us and those who we wrong.”  In this smart, laugh-out-loud comedy that’s also quite educational, the characters proceed to confront the other characters in their plays.  They’re also forced to face their Fatal Flaws, who come to life onstage!  


This virtual masterpiece is a fantastic comic send-up and tribute to Shakespeare’s tragedies that also re-familiarizes us with the storylines and characters of some of Shakespeare’s greatest works. Playwright Rebecca Salomonsson studied at the National Shakespeare Conservatory and has combined her loves for Shakespeare, teaching, and writing in this creative virtual adaptation of her award winning full-length play, Outrageous Fortune. 


September 11 - 5:00pm Pacific Time on Zoom

September 12 - 12:00pm Pacific Time on Zoom

September 13 - 2:00pm Pacific Time on Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the social value of art has never mattered more. As schools close, physical distancing requirements are enforced, and longstanding arts organizations shut their doors, families need access to enrichment opportunities that are safe, affordable, and accessible. Most importantly, in the creative work they undertake with others, youth are practicing hope; through the arts, they are actively combatting feelings of isolation, helplessness, and disconnection.

Upstart Crow Studios is committed to providing access to performing arts programming so that children in our community can continue to play, learn, and develop vital skills that we know dramatically improve the quality of their lives. By ensuring all youth can access and benefit from high quality performing arts experiences and by supporting young people as they uncover their potential and cultivate a deeply-held passion for the arts, Upstart Crow continues to fulfill a vital need in our community.